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Welcome to my little space.
Anchors.away is my little area.
In a life that is often filled with mommyhood, wifedom, 8-5-er-ness, and everything in between, it's nice to sip on a glass of wine and have some place to call my own.

I started Anchors.Away as a way to keep accountable...especially the two things in life I'm most insecure about.....my weight, and my relationship with God. I have a great job, am blessed with the world's most faithful and loving husband, have a healthy happy toddler, and am surrounded by friends. My life is nowhere near a wreck when it comes to those things, but  I want to find a place to put my "anchor" - to have that feeling of being secure with myself.
...thus the tag line "losing weight, and gaining faith".

It is my hope that being able to bare it all (not literally, let's weight until I reach my goal weight for that one!) and gain some support from other inspirational people, I will be able to live a healthier lifestyle, both physically and spiritually.

Enough about the blog, onto the writer right?!
www.photophirephotography.com- photo credit

I'm Jeni (blame my grandmother for the odd spelling!) It's pronounced "Jenny", not "Jen-I" or "Jeeniee".

I am a master of nothing, dabbler of everything (including everything from crafting, to home repairs, coupon-ing and fast-pitch softball.)

I make up words  - a lot. And most of the time they include an "ish" or a hyphen to make them make more sense.

I'll probably always post a Mani-Monday post on a Tuesday, never have the most stylish "OOTD", and chances are won't ever be able to use the right #hashtags.

I have a delayed sense of taste when it comes to television - I hate shows when they come out, and catch myself spending/wasting hours of my life watching back to back episodes years later! (Case in point: Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill).

My husband will tell you his favorite body part of mine are my ears. I prefer my eyes.

If you play any song from the "Space Jam" soundtrack, I will dance. And if I have enough time, I will grab my Space Jam jersey out of my trunk. I'm not ashamed, it was my era!

Thank you for stopping by and reading long enough to learn a little about me! I hope you'll join me in my hot mess of a journey - losing weight and gaining faith....one day at a time.

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